Monday, June 09, 2008

Peace...and an Update

I'm here for two reasons (hence the two fingers). say..."peace dudes." And the give you a quick update from my two week appointment. Here are the highlights:

We go in. We sit in the waiting room. Hannah is happy. I am happy.

We go back to the room. Hannah SCREAMS. I'm cool as a cucumber.
Mommy strips me down. I'm okay. Hannah is still screaming. Mommy can barely hear the nurse.
They measure my length. I'm 22 1/4 inches long.
They weigh me. I weigh 10 lbs. 3 oz. A pound and one ounce increase from two weeks ago. \
I brag to Hannah. She NEVER could put on that much weight in such a short time. . .or long time for that matter.
We wait for the doctor. Hannah is happy. Hannah plays with the toys.
The doctor comes in. Hannah screams. I scream.
Mommy holds Hannah. Hannah is happy.
The doctor checks me all over. I scream. Hannah calms down.
All looks good. The doctor leaves. Hannah screams. I scream as Mommy puts my clothes on.
We leave...Hannah screaming, me screaming. Phew!


Jeremy, Trista, & Hayden said...

So funny, although I am sure you didn't think it was funny while it was happening. I was laughing out loud while reading it....what a great story!

Groovers said...

oh my goodness!!!! yikes! wow, so hard to remain calm as a mom during tough times like that. on a positive note, though, he is SO big and healthy, wow! love you my friend. wish I could help babysit for you if I was closeby!