Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Newest Trick

Well, I told you I would eventually have some better tricks for you. And this's a pretty good one. Wanna hear about it? I ROLLED OVER! Yes folks, I am five weeks old and I rolled over. I wanted to surprise Mommy, so when she came to get me out of my bed from my nap I was on my back (I sleep on my tummy...don't call's is better for me on my tummy)! Boy did she seem surprised! Especially because my sister Hannah didn't roll over until she was 6 months! Mommy says Hannah and I are night and day. She was tiny, I am huge. She had a hard time eating, I do a great job eating. I'm not as good of a sleeper, she was a much better sleeper at this age. I'm a boy, she's a girl (duh). Now, I rolled over at 5 weeks...she didn't until 6 months! Phew! Isn't it funny how we are so different and we came from the same Mommy and Daddy?!


loo-is said...

grant, that's awesome! baby andrew rolled over once at 9 weeks and hasn't since. he's almost 9 months now. andrew says he hopes you're doing well and putting on some more weight. he loved looking at your pictures!