Monday, June 16, 2008

Wait, wait...zzzzzz

You might have thought I was waking up. It was a fake out. I just let out a yawn and went back to sleep. On a different note, some of you well informed and experienced mothers may see my white tongue and you have thrush? I've overheard people asking Mommy that and in so doing have found out that my sister Hannah had thrush (oh the information you gather while you inconspicuously listen through closed eyes and open ears). Not exactly sure what thrush is but by the way Mommy answers, it's not the most exciting thing. Thankfully, from best I can gather, I do not have thrush. This is just milk. Hopefully we won't have to do a thrush post in the near future. If I knew how to avoid it, I would. But I don't. So wish me luck that I don't get attacked by this scary thrush monster.