Saturday, June 28, 2008

Me and Daddy

Sometimes I like to just sit with Daddy and watch some tv. This particular day I had woken up early...really early...from my nap and wouldn't go back to sleep. So I relaxed with Daddy on the couch with my "blee blee" (blankie) and watched some hunting. I like to see the animals. I see a lot of animals on the ground though. Mommy says they're sleeping. I didn't realize so many animals like to sleep so much...especially on that channel. So when I see them laying down I say something like this, "B, ooo, ni, ni, B." Here's Mommy to translate: "Bear, ooo, night night Bear." I say that for "D's" (deer) too! Daddy says he will take me hunting if I want to. But what's the fun in watching a bunch of animals sleep? And anyways, Mommy says, no way!