Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last weekend I was getting a bit uncomfortable in my clothes, so with a little whimpering, pulling at my outfit, and some help from they came! Boy did it feel good! Can't you tell by my smiling face? So, for the rest of the day I ran around in my diaper and shoes. Yes, I kept my shoes on. Don't you know what a big shoe fan I am? In fact, Mommy got me two new pair at Payless. That was another adventure we took by ourselves a couple of weeks ago. Yes, Grant screamed the WHOLE time. It's a good thing the kiddie shoes were in the back although I'm not so sure it helped too much because that little guy has a set of lungs on him you wouldn't believe. I think it filled the whole store. Mommy was in such a rush that one pair is actually too big...width wise. My feet have a hard time staying put in them. But I still wear them. What can I say, I love shoes!