Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Life Has Changed...Let's Start wit Wal-Mart for an Example

Hi friends! You know, life has changed since my lil' bro Grant came along. How? you ask. Well, today I'll start with Walmart for an example. You see, before, it was just me and Mommy...and Grant but he was snugly wrapped in Mommy's tummy. I sat in the back of the cart. All was quiet. Mommy could linger if she felt like it. And I could play outside while she unloaded the groceries. Well, I realized today, things would be different. Today was the first time Mommy went to Walmart with me and Grant and NO HELP. Here's how things have changed:
*We have to leave more early morning trips. We just can't get it together that soon.
*Grant screams the whole way there (did we tell you he HATES HATES HATES his car seat?).
*Mommy seems to loop around the parking lot a few times. Then I realize why.
*We park WAY OUT in East Buddah...but come to find out Mommy was looking for one of the VERY FEW special carts for mommies like her (with more than one kid, both of whom are too little to walk with their mommy) way out in one of the cart corrals. That's why she was circling so much! Thankfully we found one! (By the way...wouldn't you think a place like Walmart with TONS of mommy shoppers would have more of these almost non-existant special carts?).
*I get a new seat in this special cart. No longer do I sit in the that's Grant's spot... so I sit on this special seat that is behind Grant. This takes us a little longer. But then we're ready.
*We take the much longer trek to the door. I think Mommy is having a little trouble manuvering this rather cumbersome special cart.
*Great news! Grant's asleep. I'm cool as a cucumber enjoying my new view.
*We shop...things are going off without a hitch..though Mommy is still a little clumsy with the cart.
*But wait...oh no...Grant awakens...and only half of our shopping is done!
*Grant screams and refuses to be consoled...even with the aid of his pacifier.
*We get LOTS of looks. Some people even stop to talk to Mommy asking how old he is. Sheesh people...can't you see we have a crying baby here and are moving as fast as we can?
*By the way...the whole time I am sitting nicely.
*Finally it's check out time and for the first time at Walmart...we got a sympathy unloader. Now at Publix they do this for you anyway. But the cashier didn't like Grant crying so she let Mommy soothe him (little did she know it wouldn't work until he was out of that seat) while she unloaded.
*I sit quietly.
*We make the LONG trek back to the car. And lo and behold...Grant is asleep. Mommy rushes to load up the car, then loads us in...she is sweating profusely.
*We have an enjoyable ride home.
*We're home. Grant starts screaming. Mommy gets us out. She puts us in the house, Grant screaming.
*I decide to help Mommy and go out of the house. I like to keep shutting the door as she brings the bags in.
*Grant is screaming.
*Mommy only unloads the cold groceries, leaving everthing else scattered about.
* Mommy feeds Grant. I pull out bottles from the cabinets to keep busy.
*Mommy lays Grant down...he doesn't make a peep.
You know, Mommy says if you don't laugh during all of would be stressful. So she tries to laugh. But boy, going to Walmart is quite the ordeal now. It wore us ALL out. Good thing we don't need to go again until NEXT WEEK.


Jeremy, Trista, & Hayden said...

Oh my! I just came to the realization that this is going to be my life too in a few weeks! Oh my! Am I ready for this?!

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! I could picture the whole thing!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, "anonymous" is Grandma!!!

Erin said...

Oh Jess! I look forward to reading your blog. Way to go with completing the trip to Walmart - I think I would have left the stuff and just taken the kids and run out of there only to have to try AGAIN later. I am trying to learn lots of mommy wisdom from you!