Sunday, May 10, 2009

Exploring and Trying to Become One with Nature

I come across as being dainty. And I am, I suppose. But, I don't mind exploring and getting my hands a little dirty (as long as Mommy cleans them off when I'm all done). So, when I got tired of shoveling and raking, which happened rather quickly, I was off to explore. I found beautiful yellow flowers, a bubbling creek, and, my favorite, rocks. Do you know how much I love rocks? ALOT. If I could fill my room up with them, I would. Perhaps I take after my grandaddy...the geologist. Mommy says I can make some pet rocks. Oh boy! I like the sound of that!

In the midst of all my exploring, I even got close to nature. . .sort of. I had to pee pee. So, Mommy, using her cross country running skills from the past, advised me to strip down to my bare bottom, and squat and let the river flow. WHAT?! It didn't go quite as smoothly as it did for Mommy in the past, I'm gathering. After tripping over my pants that Mommy was pulling off and being positioned into a squat, I got stage fright. Actually, I was just downright confused as to why I was standing in the middle of the woods with just my tennis shoes and a t-shirt. I used my better judgement and said I didn't have to pee pee. I just wanted my britches back on before some passer-by saw my stark white bottom! So, after almost face planting into the dirt several times, my shorts and panties were back on. Needless to say, once we walked into our front door I headed straight for the potty and found great relief. I think I'll mark off "cross country runner" from my list of sports I'd like to play. I prefer to pee pee on a potty.


Chocolate Maniac said...

SO funny! Eliz is the same way. Perhaps we've driven the part about never going anywhere that's not a potty into their heads too deeply?