Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quite the Character

Mommy says I'm quite the character. Can you tell? For a cool look, I prefer to wear my shades. I also enjoy eating them, but, then again, I enjoy eating anything. For a quirky look, I prefer to wear these bunny ears. It's sure to make the audience laugh. It seems I can get into all sorts of characters. My latest character? Lets-throw-a-fit character. I've gotten really good at this. Here's what I do: when given a stern "no" or when not held after preferring to be, I simply fall flat to the floor on my back. Then, I scream...a very loud, shrieking, ear-piercing scream. As a result, my face turns bright red. Then, I do, what I like to call, the backstroke. I scoot on my back until I manage to hit something, be it a wall, a cabinet, a toy, or a leg. Then, I raise my scream to a higher level. On a good day, this does the trick. And I'm back in the arms of the ones I love. On a bad day, I continue with the backstroke and high pitched squealing. It depends on Mommy's mood. Although, it seems I've been in this character too often lately, because Mommy isn't falling for it as much. Hmm...maybe I should change characters.