Friday, May 29, 2009

Princess Fingers

One day after my nap, Mommy said, "Let's paint your nails!" To which I replied, "Yeah, let's paint!" Little did I know this wasn't the painting I was used to. You see, when I think paint, I think of me painting "by myself" on my easel with my big brushes. Well, this was a different kind of painting. And I couldn't do it. Immediately, I lost interest. Mommy was going to paint my nails. Most may be surprised that this is my first time EVER to have my fingernails painted. Yes, we're a little behind the times. At the rate we're going, I'll get my toe nails polished when I'm eight and my ears pierced when I'm twenty. But back to the task at hand. I think I disappointed Mommy by my lack of enthusiasm. But, come on, what's so fun about someone else painting? Mommy tried to talk it up by saying I would have "princess fingers." It didn't help. But, now when I see other people with "princess fingers" it does make me want to have mine back. So, maybe we'll give it another shot soon.