Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Love My Cousin Allie

Hannah: I want my cousin Allie to come to my house.

Mommy: Well, we'll go see Allie next month when Aunt Melissa has her baby.

Hannah: But I want you to have a baby too Mommy.

Mommy: Hopefully someday I will.

Hannah: I want you to have a girl. I want her after my nap.

Mommy: Well, it doesn't happen that quick.

That's the conversation I just had with Mommy. Three things you can take away from this conversation (well four):
1. I love my cousin Allie and yes, I call her "my cousin Allie."
2. I want Mommy to have another baby.
3. I want a girl baby.
4. Allie is NOT naked...she is in her panties. However, like most of us, she enjoys the freedom of minimal restriction.