Saturday, June 06, 2009

Swag Bucks...We Love Um'!

Mommy got my Bee Wheely Bug for $6.07 with Swag Bucks (for those that don't know, this baby costs $60)

Now, (hopefully Hannah won't see this) Mommy is working toward getting this tricycle for free or next to nothing with her next round of Swag Bucks!
Mommy has decided to take a break from her shopping blog. It seems we're keeping her pretty busy these days. BUT, we allowed her to post about SwagBucks here because, well, Hannah and I benefit very nicely from them. You see that Bee Wheely Bug up there? Those wheels are mine now! Yep, Mommy traded in her Swag Bucks for $55 worth of Amazon gift cards. And now, she has $15 towards Hannah's birthday trike. So, instead of paying $65, she now only has to pay $50...but watch her work her magic over the next several months. Our goal is to get that baby for free or almost free!!
For those of you burning with curiosity about's the scoop: It's a search Google, Ask, or Yahoo. Everytime you use Swagbucks to do a search you can win points. Then, when you accumulate so many, you trade them in for prizes, like gift cards. We like the Amazon gift cards because you can get anything you want. Every 45 points you earn, you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card! And, when people sign up under you, you get their first 100 points they earn! Amazing!! Basically, as Mommy says, you get money for doing something you already do! There's no catch! Have we gotten your attention? Want to help Hanny earn that trike and get you something too? Click on the banner below to sign up! You won't be sorry!!

Search & Win