Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh the Funny Things I Say

We interrupt our current Kansas City series, to bring you these funny words and pictures:

Mommy: Hannah, what do you want for your birthday?
Me: "wocks (rocks)." (yes I love, love, love rocks as I've noted in the past. Mommy says we'll have to make some pet rocks soon so stayed tuned for those babies).

Daddy: Hannah do you know where angels live?
Hannah: Alabama.

And, the other day Daddy brought this raccoon home for me to see. I LOVE animals. . .any kind...stuffed, cartoon, real, ones in books. . .so this was a special treat (and stayed tuned for an even greater treat...a baby raccoon...more of her to come later!) I used my modeling skills to pose in one photo and in the other I was waving (my favorite thing) to my new friend. However, she did not wave back. Sad. She now lives in the house with us. I feed her, hold her, and sleep with her.



Grandmama said...

OK, you got me, I thought for a minute that y'all gave that thing to Hannah for a pet. We will have to get Grandaddy to get you some rocks . He has always loved them to.

Love, Grandmama

Chocolate Maniac said...

Yup, you had me too! Where's the baby racoon?