Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming Home

Thankfully, the ride home proved less eventful than the ride there. We learned from our past and chose to break the trip up in two days on the way back. We left shortly after Great Grandpa "Arson's" party and arrived in St. Louis utterly exhausted. In fact, I've never see Gwant so tired. He remained snuggled with his blankie and thumb in mouth while Mommy changed him into his pjs. I was quite tired myself. In fact, I was so tired I didn't feel myself nearing the edge of the bed in the middle of the night. It wasn't until I hit the ground that I realized what had happened. I then screamed so loudly that Mommy thought I had broken my arm. But, like I said, Gwant was really tired and didn't even realized my dilemma. After much reassurance from Mommy, I realized my arm, was, in fact, in tact and that I could resume sleeping. I learned a valuable lesson that night: that bed rail on my bed at home, it's worth every penny. But other than that, our stay was restful.

The next day we loaded BACK up for another 8 hour drive home. A few minor mishaps: dropping my overalls in my pee pee on the potty and since I had had accidents in about every other article of clothing Mommy brought for me on this trip I had nothing else to wear (hence why I have no pants on in one picture) and Gwant having one of his normal blowouts (hence why he doesn't have pants on in his picture), we made it home. Gwant's face says it all in these pictures. Though we had a good time, we were exhausted and glad to be Birmingham.