Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Turn

It's time I got a few words in. Hannah has been hogging the whole thing! Did she mention how good I was for most of the car ride? Because I was...until hour 10. And, did she mention how well I slept at the hotel? Because I did. In fact, most would say I was a pleasure to be around unless it involved sitting at the table to eat breakfast or if it involved behaving at Great Grandpa Larson's birthday party. Other than that, I was a saint. I got to meet Mommy's cousin's daughter, Journey, who was right about my size. Finally, a playmate for me! However, I don't think she shared the same enthusiasm. Some say I'm a little overwhelming with my forwardness. Journey, well, she most be one of them. But she's a nice gal! Too bad we don't live closer so we can play together more. I'm sure she'd warm up to me after awhile. I decided to give her some space and enjoyed some great time with the universal playmate, Ashey. She showed me how to kick the ball and she walked me around to explore the courtyard around us. Thanks, Ashey for remembering little ol' me and for bringing me into the circle of fun!