Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Can't Get Enough

Grant and I just can't get enough of this swingset. And Mommy can't get enough of her new camera. So, the two go hand in hand. I wanted Mommy to take as many pictures as she could of me. I need all my agile skills documented at an early age so that when they do a back story of me during the Olympics, they'll have plenty of pictures. I think I'm going to make a pretty good gymnast. I'm small, buy spry. I've got moves like a cat, quick and swift. I can climb anywhere with no fear. And then, either plummet down gracefully (like on the slide) or swing so daintily (like on the monkey bars) that it looks as if I'm floating on air. I'm already prepared to hang upside down too. However, I'm not getting the support I need to follow through with this (that'd be you Mommy and Daddy). But, it's a start.

Oh yeah, and then there's Grant. His most beloved activity on the swingset is the slide. But, he doesn't follow the slide rules. Nope. He climps UP the slide and then goes flying down on his tummy. But, that's better for him. You see, the first time he went down on his bottom and he shot off that slide like a rocket. He landed a couple of feet past the slide. So, the tummy way, it's the best way for him. Not too many pictures of Grant on the swingset. Sorry, I just don't think they'll be preparing a back story for you buddy. You're just not Olympic material.


The Noonan's said...

So excited for you that yall got a swing set and are enjoying it! We'll have to come enjoy it with you soon!