Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Day and the New Camera!

So, really, the last set of pictures SHOULDN'T have been the last pictures my loyal readers saw with the old camera. Mommy did use it on Christmas morning; however, somehow, they magically disappeared off of the camera. hmmm. So, we're missing the first morning pictures. But that's okay. Here are a few Mommy snapped of us in the morning with the new camera. Give her time, she'll show you some better ones. It's like riding a bike, I hear. It's all a little wobbly at first. Then, you get the hang of it. It slowly gets better. And thankfully, my Uncle Tim is a fabulous he'll be a huge help!

So, on to Christmas morning...I got some "lipstick" in my stocking. I love lipstick. Grant enjoyed my blocks on the much so he got a picture with them. And then, there's Grant with is ever confused face. He asked me what in the world this was all about. I said, just go with it buddy, just go with it.