Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Eve Night

Well, this marks a monumental occassion. These are the last pictures we have with our old camera. It's a good thing too. While taking these pictures, Mommy couldn't keep our old camera charged. She had to plug it in to take these pretty shabby pictures. It was shortly after these photos that Daddy surprised her with the new camera. Hooray!

Christmas Eve night we went to church and then came home (might I add in some odd conditions...on that rainy night we rode all the way home with Grant's window DOWN. Yes, down. Daddy rolled it down and couldn't get it back up. It was a chilly ride to say the least. Mommy couldn't stop laughing. Grant was a good sport. The window finally went up the next morning) to celebrate Jesus' birthday. We ate some cake (some enjoyed it more than others...umhmm...Grant), and then we opened one gift. Those pictures weren't so hot. Grant and I got Don't Break the Ice, the first among many games this Christmas. Here, let me just list all of the games we received from family this year (and we are thankful, it's just funny): 1) Don't Break the Ice (this is Grant's favorite...he can bang on something and he's good at that) 2) Curious George (we haven't played this one yet) 3) Candy Land 4)Chutes and Ladders 5) Elefun (we've played this A LOT) 6) Hungry Hippos (we love it) 7) Princess Memory 8) Cootie...yes folks...EIGHT games in one Christmas. So, if you're bored, please, please come to our house. We'll have hours of entertainment waiting for you.

Finally, after Grant and I went to bed Mommy set up our Christmas gifts. She had to use the old camera for the picture because the new camera was charging. We woke up Christmas morn to these exciting surprises!


Jennifer said...

Avery got cootie and loves it. Her cousin got skates just like Hannah!

Maroussia said...
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Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Curious George, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.