Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Got a phone? If you do, give me a ring sometime. I love talking. Now, I will warn you, it may be a boring conversation. My phone vocabulary consists of these words: "hulloh," "uh huh," and "bye, bye," with several kisses to the phone thrown in. I have come to the understanding that those are not seen by my fellow converser. Because of that, I have managed to master a loud, obvious kissing sound. Hey, when it's almost all you're working with you've got to do it up right. I want to be sure my friend understands my sentiments. So, give me your digits and I'll give you a ring.


Grandmama said...

Thanks for giving me a call yesterday Grant, I knew it was you . Call me again real soon, I love you. Grandmama

Groovers said...

he can call me anytime, TOO CUTE! :)

Jess said...

Hey give us a ring sometime! Your buddy will answer with a "hey!"