Monday, January 04, 2010

Takin' It Easy on My Skates

So, like I said, I got me some skates for Christmas. And here I am takin' them for a spin for the first time outside. I did it in style. Just chillaxin' while sucking my thumb. I even had time for a little prayer. What can I say, I'm just cool like that. I did get a little wobbly here and there. That's when Mommy came in for some much needed assistance. Overall, I enjoyed my first ride outside. Now, if it would just warm up so I can get some more practice!


Learning as we Live said...

she looks adorable! so tiny in her skates :)

Tim Harman said...

Jessica, I LOVE that second shot!

LB said...

love the new camera--so fun!! And I love the skates.