Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm beginning to really like my "brudder" Grant. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked him. But now, we're more like "fwends." I even told Mommy, "Grant's my best fwend." And he is, along with Mommy, Daddy, Stwyder, Ashey, and the other millions out there I've told the same thing to. Grant and I do lots of hugging lately. He even has started sitting in my lap (per my request). However, that's not going too well. He's a bit large. My favorite is when he comes up to me when I'm crying and gives me a hug and a kiss. He evens says "mmm, mmm," with his hugs (I'll have to mimic it for you in person). We play chase around the house. Sometimes I use Daddy's ties to pull Grant with (I got in trouble for that). I push him in the hamper. He tries to push me. We play "Ring Around the Rosie" and I've just begun to read him books. We wrestle alot and laugh at the funny noises we can make with our mouths. We are known to climb a table or two as well. Grant enjoys to put on my princess beads and to play with my "pretty things." Don't worry, he plays with balls, cars, trucks, and likes to hit too. He's still all boy. But he's my fwend. And I'm so thankful that he's also my "brudder."


Liz Brookshire said...

Too cute, that's so nice that they like to play together! Is it me, or has Grant's hair lost most of the red? He looks so blonde in all of the recent pictures!

Jessica said...

Liz, he is a blonde. It did lose most of the red..there is still a hint but he's definitely blonde. At least I had some part in his looks!!

Anonymous said...
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