Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Bankey Boy"

If you don't have one of these, man, you've gotta get one. His name: "Bankey Boy" aka Blankey Boy. It was the name Mommy apparently gave to her blankey long ago. So, I stole it and now use it for my blankey. He's my life support. When times are troubled, it gives me comfort and relief. There's no replacement for it. In fact, Mommy tried to do an ole switcharoo on me while she washed the real deal and for a minute she pulled one over on me...for a minute. It wasn't long before I realized this was an imposter. I through it out of my crib (when I was still in my other room) and screamed until Mommy finally returned the only true "Bankey Boy." It happened once, it won't happen again. There's no substitute for this guy.


Mary said...

He does love his bankey! I love the way his face totally LIGHTS UP when he sees it!! Matthew had a blankey he felt that way about. I was never in a big hurry to get rid of it, but when he was 3 (yes, he kept it til 3!) we went to Stone Mtn and he left it at the top! That took care of that because there was no replacement for his cookie monster blankie , either! :)