Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy's Moment: A Farewell to LOST

Well, I've never spoken of LOST before on here. And, I never will again after this. But after watching the finale I thought I'd write my opinion down and get my thoughts out of my head. Those of you who know me well know that I L-O-V-ED LOST. I started watching it from season one six years ago. John and I were newly married. I was hooked. I liked that it was a show that inspired deep thinking, making connections, and developing complex characters that in some form or fashion you can relate to. It was great storytelling. I'll admit, I over thought most everything on the show so much so that after each episode I would dream about it. Sad, I know. But I loved the puzzles, the mysteries, the odd connections. So, when I watched the finale last night I was a bit disappointed that most of those mysteries and puzzles never got solved. I realize that it wasn't the writers' intent to answer all those puzzles. Instead their focus was on character development and resolution. But even in that sense I was disappointed, mostly in the "flashsideways." Perhaps it's because I can't "rejoice" in their depiction of the afterlife. And I know these aren't Christian writers and I knew it wouldn't end with a Christian perspective. That would be naive of me to think that (although many viewers think it did end with a Christian perspective). But, their "reunion" seemed unpowerful and honestly, a bit silly to me. And I really don't know what I was expecting as far as how they would reconnect...but it wasn't that.
There are things I can appreciate about last night's finale. I can appreciate Jack's character's redemption (in the REAL timeline). I love how they have taken his character over the past six years and followed his ups and downs. I was so glad to see him find purpose and peace. I thought it was awesome how they ended the show with his eye closing. PERFECT. IMPACTFUL.
I am glad Kate and Jack finally expressed their love for each other. I think that was necessary...moreso for Jack's character. I'm not a big Kate fan but I feel like that needed to be expressed between the two of them for some closure.
I'm glad Claire is going back to be with Aaron but the way in which it happened was weak. One moment she was insistent on not going back and then with a few quick words from Kate, she upped and went. For a two and a half hour season finale maybe more time could have been given to develop this change of heart.
As for what needed to be answered...the list could go on and on. Walt, why Aaron was born in a purgatory state, what's up with Jack's fake son, why is Ben left out of the circle of friends on their way to heaven, what was up with the Egyptian mythology and the statue, what was the island, why did it on and so on. I feel like a lot of their puzzles were more of a tease now to keep us watching. And they did. And I'm not regretful of that, just disappointed. But perhaps they're coming at it with a real life perspective in the sense that we won't ever have all the answers to the great mysteries of life and we have to be okay with that. Even as a believer this holds true from a Biblical viewpoint. As Christians, though we are certain of our "ending (not an ending that is dependent on our good works as mentioned by Jimmy Kimmel but dependent on the work of Christ on behalf of us)" there are many mysteries in life and life after this earth that we won't be able to understand. But we live by faith. Not faith in an unknown though, thankfully faith in the One who knows all things and who we know to "work all things together for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose." On this I can rest assured.

Thanks LOST for six intriguing years. It was worth it.

What are some of YOUR thoughts??


Groovers said...

yeah, I loved LOST for the characters, so I was pleased that the last episode was a "reunion" kinda show focusing on relationships. But Eric & I both felt like it was a bit lackluster, without much of a "wow" factor. And yes, I did dream about it last night as well, haha. Interesting finale for sure. Still a fan. love ya!

Mary said...

Jess, I know I have given you too many comments already on LOST (haha!) but it is driving me crazy that instead of it fading so I can forget it and go on with life, I keep thinking of new things from long-ago episodes that just don't make sense now. Like, it is never explained how Jacob, who believed for so long that there was no place besides the island, comes to be able to go back and forth in the "real world" in order to influence the candidates lives...or how the magic mirrors in the lighthouse came to be...or here is an old one: remember the Dharma food drop? I really wouldn't even care much about all of those pesky details though, if the character development had been worked out better. Too many pat answers. Maybe that is the downside of the end date...they had so many characters and so much going on with each one, there just ended up not being enough time to really bring them all around full circle in a believable and satisfying way. I think I am going to watch it one last time and then, hopefully, get over it! I agree with you about the ending with Jack's eye closing, that was perfect! That was definitely the best moment of the last season. Okay I will quit now!