Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Little Practice

I've gotten a little practice with this big brother thing. Mommy watched baby Asher for a friend a few weeks ago. What I've got to say after the experience: I think I'm gonna like being a big brother. Yep. I couldn't keep my eyes off Asher. I even bounced him a bit in his bouncy seat and gave him some gentle pats to the head (I'm known for my awesome patting abilities). Hannah, of course, adored him. But, she's already had practice being the bigger sibling. So it comes naturally to her. Oh and check out my Mickey pjs. Did I tell you I L-O-V-E LOVE Mickey Mouse? I do. And I'm hoping there just might be a Mickey waiting for me for my birthday. That'd be awesome. Then I can stop carrying around my Mickey Mouse diapers everywhere. Yes, yes, I take them in the car with me just so I can stare at my awesomely cool mouse pal. But, I admit, it's a bit uncool to be walking around carrying a diaper. It's cramping my style. So, hopefully, hopefully, Mickey will be waiting for me for my birthday (don't tell Mommy but I overheard her talking to Grandma about where to find a Mickey Mouse...let's hope Grandma followed through).