Sunday, May 23, 2010

Race Day

The fam afterwards (did I mention we got glow necklaces too?)
Mommy FINALLY finishing the race

Waiting and Waiting with Balloons in Hand

The Start: Can you Spot Mommy? (And Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Tutti and Mr. Torey?)

Upon Arrival at the Race

I want to run. Mommy has been running semi-frequently and it's got me thinking. I'm thinking...I'd like to run. Every time Mommy goes out for a jog I ask to go with. But it seems that I'm too little. However, imagine my excitement when I heard Mommy was going to be in a race. A race! It sounded exciting. She said I could watch. WOW. So, on race day, Daddy took me and Grant to watch Mommy run. It wasn't quite what I expected. To start with, when we arrived I couldn't find Mommy. There was quite a large crowd of people that showed up that day to race as well. I even shed a few tears as I scanned the crowd. Daddy found me and Grant a spot on the wall and finally pointed out Mommy in the sea of runners. I waved ecstaticly. And then, they were off. And then, they were gone. Out of sight. This wasn't what I was hoping it would be. Where was Mommy? Daddy walked me and Grant to the finish line. And we waited. And waited. And it began to rain. And I began to get cold. Wearing my designer dress (not really) with matching shrug wasn't my best choice for the event and weather. I regretted that decision. The highlight of the wait? Balloons. Grant and I are big balloon fans. It kept us entertained. And then finally, FINALLY, we saw Mommy cross the line. And that was it. That was it? Watching the race was a bit disappointing. I wanted to see Mommy run a lot. I wanted to run with her. But, nonetheless, I was excited. I waved ecstaticly again as she crossed the line. I like to think of myself as her biggest fan. I want her to feel like an Olympian as she crosses the line. I think she did. And yes, that's a ten year old boy behind her. We'll just say, she's not in the shape she used to be in. We'll keep that between you and me. The BEST highlight of the race? A Chick-fil-a dinner afterwards. Hands down. Next time, I'm lacing up my Nike's and hitting the road with Mommy. I've been practicing and I think that it will make for a much more fun racing experience. . .for me and for Mommy.


Mary said...

These are great pictures!!! I don't see the ten year old boy behind you, I would be HAPPY if I could beat a ten year old! LOL !! Grant & Hanny are so cute holding hands.