Friday, September 02, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Rest

In "The Harman Hood" tradition, this Five Minute Friday will be written in Kate's voice.


It's been restful these days. Well, these past two days. For some reason Hannah and Grant aren't here. It's quiet. Real quiet. So quiet that I've finally caught up on my rest. I've been knocking out some 2 hour morning naps. I've been going down at night tired and without much fuss. And, last night, I let Mommy rest and didn't awaken until 6:30. So, we're just full of rest.

I'm enjoying this restful time. All eyes are on me. Yep, that's right. No competing with Hannah or Grant. I laugh. Mommy listens. I cry. Mommy picks me up. I play. Mommy sits on the floor with me. And through all of this rest time, Mommy's discovering just how much like her I am.

For example, I get as excited as she does when "The Office" comes on. As soon as that music plays, I dance. Also, Mommy gave me a Cheeto today. Her favorite. MY NEW FAVORITE.

All this rest is good. Who knew how demanding Hannah and Grant were? I didn't realize they were cramping my style.


We miss them.

And now that we're rested, we'll be fully charged and ready to have them back.


Amy @ A Contented, Common Life said...

Wonderful- Love the perspective!
Plus- I just love all the owls on your blog...
God Bless!