Monday, September 12, 2011

Christmas Challenge

Thanks to Zulily credit, I was able to snag another gift for Christmas.

This time, I purchased Citiblocs. Anyone heard of these? I looked them up on Amazon and they've gotten great reviews. I thought this might be a big hit for Grant (and I'm sure Hannah too). They both love to build.

So, with my $15 credit I ended up paying $3.94.

I love Zulily more than other daily deal sites because they let you use your credit toward the shipping as well. Shipping was $5.95 but some of my credit went toward that as well.

And here's my progress thus far in my Christmas Challenge (to spend no more than $100 on my three kids' Christmas):

Total spent: $11.83
Total remaining: $88.17
Total gifts bought: 5 (2 pillow pets, a reusable/washable coloring table cloth, 100 piece CitiBlocs, rainmaker)

Now that money is super tight, I'm likely not going to spend near $100, but for now, I'm sticking to that number.

Oh and if you'd like to check out the CitiBlocs I think they're on sale for the next few days.