Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stationery card

Birthday Bubbles Pink Birthday Invitation
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Yes, that's my Kate, wings and all.

Thanks to Pampers Gifts to Grow I earned credit for Kate's birthday invitations through Shutterfly. And, thanks to Shuttefly, by posting this birthday invitation I made, I will get $10 credit toward my next purchase. . .I'm thinking Christmas cards.

As you might suspect, Kate's having a butterfly party per Hannah's request.

Thus, the wings.

I'll have a post of all the OTHER pictures I didn't use and of course, from Kate's perspective. She has a lot to say.

Anyways, as always, if you need cute invitations or announcements, photo books...etc. Shutterfly does a great job!!


LB said...

love it!! And I can't wait to hear what Kate thinks about wearing wings.