Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Joy (from Grant)

Joy. I experienced joy last week.

Watching Elmo...LIVE. (who doesn't experience joy while listening to that high pitched voice that seems to stick in your head to the point you yourself start talking like him?).

and while doingso, drinking an unmonitored amount of lemonade, eating a garganteous hot dog, and enjoying my newly bought (thanks Grandma) light up the sky sneakers while enjoying good company with my best bud, Micah.

(okay, we did a lot of playing around too)

Oh yeah, did I mention I also got to eat a bag of my favorite yellow chips followed, somewhere in there, by a large chocolate chip cookie.


Joy was also found when I got back at Hannah.

Remember this...

So, I did this...

But the greatest joy of all, discovering that I can watch Elmo 24/7 because he's also on my t.v.!!!

And can you believe Mommy was keeping that all to herself? To think!!