Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dora the Explorer Adventure Party

I guess you heard through Mommy's sappy post that I turned five.

I did. With turning five, I've also matured. Or should I say my tastes have matured?
Mommy had been planning my party for a few weeks. And, being the big five year old I am (or almost was at that tender age a few days ago), I decided to give Mommy some pointers.

I began with the decorations. However, I think I was misunderstood. When I said, "are you going to decorate?" what I meant was, are you going to drench our house in all things Dora and pink and purple and balloons and streamers?

When I awoke birthday party morning I saw what you see above. Cute, yes. Drenched in all things Dora and birthday party? I think not. I proceeded to ask Mommy why the ceiling wasn't decorated. Sure, it's two stories high but we've got a ladder.

Me being five and Mommy being six times that age, she obviously won. And I settled for the decorations above and a few stars Mommy hung up in response to my desire for more "bling," "pizazz," "sparkle."

Good try Mom.

Like I said, it was an adventure party. Dora always has a map. So, Mommy made a map. And colored. every. one.

Here's our map.
(did we mention this was a birthday on a budget?)

And what's a Dora adventure without Swiper? When Mommy had mentioned he may be making an appearance, my heart beat faster. Who would be dressing up as Swiper?

Well, again, Mommy had the final say.

No one would be dressing up as Swiper.
Instead, I got this.

And no, I asked too, he didn't move.

But we played along with Mommy's little game and said "Swiper, no swiping" as we came down the slide mountain and he "tried" to take our sunglasses.

Here we are awaiting to climb the "mountain." We just exited the "twisty tunnels." Look at the map if you're confused.

Following the descent down the mountain we were then subjected to snakes. Okay, paper snakes. But in the name of fun we pretended to cross the snake ravine using a "tight rope."
Here's Ada coming ever so close to being bitten by one of those snakes. Good thing they're paper.

Following the treacherous snake walk, we hopped on our "mopeds" down the rocky hill.


The "Most Spirited through Actions of Boldness" award goes to Ada, who, without hesitation, catapulted her body across Crocodile Creek all the while holding on to her backpack. However, we are not giving out awards.

But, Dora would be proud.


Our last challenge was the most exciting. Crossing the Muddy Mud Pit on Grandmama's Romper Stompers. No, my Grandmama does not actually use these herself. However, she provided them for our adventure. Being the skilled Romper Stomper I am, I went first. A week of  practice can really set you ahead of the game. 

And what adventure doesn't have a reward? The aluminum foiled wrapped box, serving as, of course, a treasure box laden with treasure, a A.K.A. candy, bouncy balls, necklaces, dinosaurs, rings...you know...all that junk parents DON'T want their kids coming home with after a party, awaited our arrival.

And we all enjoyed cupcakes

And good friends.

And while at times I gave Mommy a hard time with my unusually high expectations, I had a blast. And believe it or not, when Mommy asked what my favorite part about my party was I said, "the adventure."

I didn't realize opening presents was an option.


Mary said...

so cute! It was such a great party!! And I love that last picture of Ellie and Hannah together...old pals reunited! : )