Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Challenge

I just purchased the above toy for Kate's Christmas. Thanks to Eversave  I used credit to purchase a deal for $25 worth of products from ToysCamp. The above toy was $24.99. I just had to pay shipping, $7.95. I know, who's ever heard of Gbaby, right? Well, I haven't but read some good reviews on the toy. It's so hard to buy anything for Kate simply because we've either had that toy or have it now. And, I want to get something for her that will last a few years, not something I'll end up consigning in a few months. So, that's what I got. Here's the rundown:

Total spent: $19.78
Total left: $80.22
Total gifts bought: 6- 2 pillow pets, Citiblocs, Reusable/washable coloring mat, rainmaker, GBaby toy (averaging $3.30 per toy).
If you're new to Eversave, click on the link above. You'll get $3 right away.

And the challenge continues...


Mary said...

You are amaaaaaazing!!!!! Seriously, the patience you have to find just the right deal is amazing to me!