Saturday, September 10, 2011

Self Expression

 Third children (or the youngest) are all about expression. Or so I hear. Maybe because Mommy is the youngest of three.

I'm the third child. And, I'm all about expression. So, maybe it's true. I enjoy delving into my creative side.

Take my hairstyle, for instance.

This morning I chose to go with the mohawk. Or is it a faux hawk? Either way, it's awesome. All it takes is a bit of rubbing against your bumper. And, voila, you've got a style that says "look at me." Isn't that what third children say?

Now, in all fairness, my sister, Hannah, was all about expression when it came to her hair at a young age. I mean, just look at her.

But, I choose to express myself in other creative ways as well. Check this look out.

And, just this morning I chose to take off my pants in the crib because well, who needs them to nap? Mommy found me waving my pants in the air while I anxiously awaited her entrance. No pictures because that just wouldn't be appropriate.

And, I like to express myself while eating. Thanks to my deep seated dislike of bibs, ripped off in a hurry, my clothes become a canvas for art. Food Art. Apparently Mommy is not so impressed. While she (has to) tolerates my expressive little hands on my clothes, she does not push her tolerance further. In avoidance of my artistry hitting the carpet canvas she strips me naked. That's okay, every artist needs their masterpiece set aside to dry.

And finally, my signature way to express myself is my signature crawl. The army crawl. And, while I am mastering more and more the "normal" crawl, I still leave room to for that crawl that draws eyes to me. That puts me on center stage.

 see,caught ya lookin'

Afterall, isn't that what we youngest children like, full attention on center stage so our self expression is most appreciated?

Oh and mischief, youngest children love mischief, just ask my mom about her mudding experience...oh but wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll save that for another post.

You know you youngest children are nodding in agreement.