Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dare Devil

I think I've found my calling.

Stunt woman baby.

I crave adventure. I have my siblings to thank for it.

It began in my jumper. Hannah would pull me back, like a human slingshot ready for action. And, while Mommy wasn't looking, let me go.

The rush was unexplainable.

Once Mommy found out, the fun stopped.

But then, I was introduced to the swing. And, like the jumper, I could be pulled back only to be let loose for a ride that would make Space Mountain look like a ride for pansies.

My taste for adventure has spilled over into other areas as well.

Like the stairs.

I know it must be dangerous because I hear, "no, no," followed by my quick decent thanks to Mommy.

I do it anyways. And I make sure to look cute doing it. It seems to help. So I flash a smile here and there. I add some flair with accessories. And I try to do something that's bound for a laugh, like, holding a rubber duckie in my mouth.

There are some days where I get loose from Mommy's eyes. And I take on the stairs as a mountain climber takes on Mt. Everest. And when I reach the top (because I do), I let out a yelp of triumph. I imagine that's what those mountain climbers do on Mt. Everest.

And, I've finally taken my adventurous spirit to the bathtub. Just yesterday I showed Mommy and my siblings how I can climb out of the tub on my stomach. However, I learned that being naked and wet while trying to climb out creates more of a sliding out than climbing out which can cause for a unpredictable landing. And I'll have to admit, it startled me a bit.

But, adventure continues to call my name.

I wonder if Disney needs some stunt babies?


Mary said...

Trying to picture Kate slipping out of the tub like a wet fish...love that little dare devil!

The Noonan's said...

I love that kid - oh, how I wish Lydia and Kate could be best buds!