Monday, August 11, 2008


So, like I said earlier, we had a big birthday bash for Papa. And guess what was there? Cake and icecream! Daddy was so good to me. We picked a spot out of the way so we could chow down on the goodies! And boy did I LOVE it! In fact, Daddy gave me so much that I stayed awake ALL the way back to Locust Grove! Yes sir, you heard me right. This chick didn't fall asleep until 10:30 at night! I was wired! And even though Grant didn't have any icecream or cake..he stayed awake the whole way too!! Except for he was mostly screaming unless Mommy held the pacy in his mouth, which she did the whole three hour trip back. It was fun having Mommy sit in between us...but I don't think she thought it was so much fun!


LB said...

oh wow, that car ride sounds miserable. Those car trips can be rough!!