Monday, August 04, 2008


Well, we just got back from a short trip to Bham (more pictures from that trip later). And, being the pooper I am, I hadn't done the big job for almost a week. Mommy thought I would go while we were in Bham but I'm just not comfortable pooping anywhere but my home. So, this morning, during the rush to get to Walmart I let it all go. Some of you may be grossed out by this posting..but this is about our daily lives. And this is VERY common. So,we decided to document my poopy. Now, this isn't an every once in awhile poopy. No sir. This is what happens EVERY time I poop. I think it's because I don't go very often so when I do out! Mommy thought we were in the clear today because she didn't feel anything. But just as soon as she thought back turned wet. And lo and behold...poopy had squirted up my back! So of course, after disrobing, I had to take my second bath for the day. You know, I usually do this on Walmart days. You know why? I HATE going to Walmart. So this is just me making my statement. The other pics are of me after I got Mommy really good with my poopy and she gave me a bath. I couldn't stop smiling! I'm a typical boy I guess!