Friday, August 15, 2008

Relaxin'...It's What We Do Best

I've enjoyed my relaxing time on the couch with my big sis Hannah. There's nothing like a Boppy to make you feel as cool as a cucumber. Hannah prefers pillows. So much so, that she often will go and pull all of the pillows of the couches and pile them up all by her. But this time she was content with just one. I'm not too sure what we were watching. Lately it seems all Mommy has on are the Olympics. She even had Hannah cheering at the men's volleyball game yesterday. AND she's trying to talk Hannah into gymnastics and running. Watch for another post on Hannah's Olympic training. Shawn Johnson, watch out. Hannah's got some mad skills when it comes to gymnastics. As for running, well, I'm not so sure. Hannah still falls down alot when she takes off. But she DOES like to run. She runs back and forth down our hallway. She'll run to the bathroom and then stop and say "ready...go!" and then run back. She'll do this for quite some time. Maybe she falls down because she gets so worn out. Who knows. All I know is I'm going to be busy as soon as I can start moving around!


Groovers said...

wow, those pictures look professional, you always do a great job Jess!