Sunday, August 24, 2008


This shot here....we mean business...we're on a mission.
Don't we look so cool?

You see, we have these two neighbor dogs that are quite yippy. They're what you call poodles. As much as they drive Mommy and Daddy crazy, they let me play with them because they know how much I enjoy it. This little doggie is called "Jaz-um" or Jasmine. She's quite the hyper pup. She has been known to jump on my head and try to play chase with me. Mommy says, "No, Jasmine," when she tries to jump on my head so now when Jasmine comes up to me I wave my finger in the air and say, "No, no Jaz-um." It works. Jasmine gives good kisses. Mommy even got an action shot. Don't worry, I took a bath that night!