Monday, August 04, 2008

This is How it Ended

Well, time for nap and we really left Mommy with a big up. For those of you who feel guilty about how your house looks...maybe this will make you feel better. We keep Mommy so busy these days..especially on grocery store days...that she has no time to pick up behind herself. When we get home from the grocery store..part two of the adventure picks up. You see, it's almost time for me to eat again...and take a nap..and the same for Hannah. AND there are groceries that have to be put least the cold ones for now. So life is chaotic when we get home from the store. Today, Mommy laid me down in my swing. Hannah rolled around on her wheely bug and kept shutting Mommy out as she raced back and forth to the car for the groceries. Then, she puts all the cold stuff away. Then, she gets Hannah ready for lunch. She basically dumps a variety of food on her tray to keep her busy while she then goes to nurse me. Then she fixes me a bottle of formula to top me off. While I'm finishing my meal, Hannah finishes. She begins acting up and disobeys Mommy. So then I get put down so Mommy can discipline Hannah. As Mommy is disciplining Hannah she notices her diaper is sopping wet and has leaked through onto her shorts. Mommy has to rethink the timeout spot. She lets her sit on the hardwood floor so she doesn't get the couch stinky with pee pee. Then, after Hannah has settled down they have a heart to heart. Then, her diaper gets changed. After that, it's back to my bottle. The phone rings a couple of times in the midst of the feeding. Finally though, I finish. It's time for a nap. . .two hours late! So when Mommy puts us to bed she has a lot of cleaning up to do. Mommy wonders how all those other mommies do it.