Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Goalie Perhaps?

Inspired by the Olympics, I've been training hard to be the best athlete I can be. A few days ago I thought that my aspirations were leaning toward becoming a gymnast. However, after stumbling upon this new skill I'm also considering being a soccer player...a goalie at that. Or maybe Newcomb. Do any of you remember that exciting game? Mommy and I have been busy throwing the ball back and forth to one another. I surprised us both when I caught it. And I caught it again and again. Mommy was really excited. So excited that she managed to get it on tape. That's right folks, here I am catching a ball. Who would have thought that catching a ball would be worthy of posting on a blog? But it least in our household. Now, please the video Mommy tells me to turn around and then laughs at me. Turn around to me means to do so repeatedly. So that I did. Apparently Mommy was asking me to turn around to face her. Oh well. And yes, I love my boots. In fact, I think they help me to perform to my best ability. Some people have lucky socks, underwear or swimsuits. Me? I have my lucky boots. And for a final note, Mommy tosses me the ball again at the end but I wasn't ready. I just have to make that clear. Communication is key in sports. Mommy apparently doesn't understand that. Enjoy!


Tanya said...

OH-MY-GOSH, Jess! That was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! I especially liked Hannah "turning around"! Give her a hug from us! :)