Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dear Friend, "Manumena"

Yes, here we are back together again, me and "Manumena." For those of you who don't speak my's Maggie. I think she was surprised at how much I've grown since she last saw me. I was still gentle with her so as not to frighten her. I especially had to be gentle with her because she just had knee surgery on her ACL. So she is very tender. I knew she wouldn't be up to chasing balls so I rolled them right to her. I know she appreciated that. I gently patted her paw to show my love and concern for her too. I often express my concern for Maggie to Mommy. I say, "Manumena, knee, okay?" To which Mommy assures me it will be soon. Phew, Manumena, I'm sure glad to hear that.