Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Goggy Want Cho's

The other day I mentioned to Mommy that my "goggy" (doggy) was hungry. I put him in my booster seat. Mommy then asked if he would like some "cho's" (cheerios). What a great idea, I thought! Mommy didn't really think I was serious until I came walking or should I say trying to walk with a bag of cho's. I had taken it upon myself to help Mommy out and go ahead and get the Cheerios out of the big box on the floor in the pantry. But Mommy still insisted he really wasn't hungry as she walked the bag back to the pantry. I had to get my goggy his cho's so I pulled out the tears. I cried "No, no, goggy want cho's!" I think Mommy got the message. So she pulled out a bowl and poured a few cho's in there for my goggy. Then I sat on the floor with him to help him eat his cho's. He was a little slow so I took it upon myself to help him eat them. I know goggy was thankful.