Monday, November 10, 2008

A Message from Mommy...

Hi guys, we're giving Mommy some room here to share some exciting news (no she's not pregnant):

Hi guys! Well, thanks go my new friend Laura Beth...I have saved $29.17 in groceries today and have gotten a LOAD of items for less than $70!! Yesterday and today I made three trips to three different stores that are close by and shopped the deals.

In the Sunday paper I pulled out the coupons, the Publix circular, and the CVS circular. I cut coupons as always and filed them away. Then, going by my grocery list, I circled the deals at Publix that matched my list. Here are the deals I got:

2 Fridge Packs of yogurt (a staple at our house) : 2/7.50 (I did the math and found this to be cheaper than buying individual ones at Wal-mart.
2 Ragu pasta sauces: BOGO
1 Bag of chips: BOGO (only bought one because we didn't need two bags)
hotdogs for a penny
8 jars of baby food w/ $2 off coupons (Wal-mart doesn't carry that brand)

I paid $14.80 for $23.66 worth of products

Next I hit CVS.

For those of you who haven't heard of the CVS really need to check it out. Here is a link that can explain it better than I can:

I got:
2 packs of diapers
1 bottle of dish soap
1 tube of anti wrinkle cream (free after ECBs)
2 boxes of Lipton tea bags
1 bottle of Garnier Fructis Shampoo

All for $23.45 for $42.17 worth of products

Finally, I hit the wonderful Wal-mart for our remaining groceries.
I got:
ground chuck
2 pie crusts
2 roll out pie crusts
2 cans of chicken
1 can of Veg-all
1 box of icecream
1 jug of apple juice
1 pack of applesauce
1 pack of fruit cups
Infant drops
1 box of granola bars
1 loaf of bread

for a total of $29.78. I saved $1.58 with coupons.

So, for $97.19 worth of groceries I spent $68.02. I budget $100 a week for groceries. This allows me to keep $32 dollars! It adds up...I could use that for Christmas gifts, bills, gas, or next week's groceries!

That's exciting to me! And, I'm just a novice at this CVS game. I plan to save even more once I get the hang of how to really work it. So for those of you out there trying to stretch your buck. . .this is a great way. And it's really fun to me!! Okay, we'll get back to the more fun posts now!


Bethany said...

That's awesome! Way to go! I need to get better about shopping deals/coupons.

Anonymous said...

oooooh I wish I could shop like that! I have several friends who do these grocery games!