Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh the Craziness!

Let's talk about craziness. I'm all about it these days. . .whether I'm eating a pear or just swinging my head around while jumping in the air. Who else is into craziness? Mommy. and. CVS. First of all, Mommy is into craziness because today she woke Grant up out of a sound nap. CRAZY. Then, she threw us in the car saying we're going to CVS. On Friday? Well, since I'm into craziness I was excited to go to "CBS." In fact, I thought we passed it several times only to be corrected by Mommy. Those are warehouses (yes we live around a lot of warehouses) . Well, we made our way into CVS. I squealed...A LOT. I had to be quiet. Gant was perfect. And Mommy. . .she was crazy. She kept going down aisles looking at coupons, looking at a flyer and then beaming from ear to ear. You see, here's what she put in our cart: a bottle of shampoo, two tubes of toothpaste, a box of tampons, and 2 20 oz. Gatorades (Daddy said the other day how he'd love a Gatorade). Nothing too crazy right? Well, here's the CRAZY part. Mommy only paid $1.66 and walked out with $6 more for our next trip! CRAZY! So, crazy works. It works for Mommy. It works for me. We're still trying to figure out how it works for "CBS."


LB said...

I was dying to know if you went to CVS. Read my post about how my sister and I did. I agree, it was CRAZY:) Did you do any other "Black Friday" shopping? I went to Toys R Us, where a kitchen that normally costs 100, was on sale for 50, but at 7 am they were already out. Bummer. It was my first Black Friday, so I will be more prepared next year.