Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thankfulness Tree

Last week, Mommy and I did an art project. We made a Thankfulness Tree. I got to paint the tree. I think Mommy thought I was more patient than I actually was because she thought that using my finger prints to make the leaves would be a wonderful idea. Well, it was fun for a few seconds and then I wanted my brush back. Mommy realized I had no patience left so chose to no longer pursue the finger prints. She let me have at it with the brush and then I got to spread the paint around with my fingers too. I loved it. I even painted my nose. Mommy says every good artist gets messy. I like that because I get messy. The final product turned out nicely. Now each night at dinner, if Mommy can remember, we talk about one thing we're thankful for and write it on a leaf. Then, we hang the leaf on our tree. Last night I said I was thankful for "pus-ghetti." Yes, I love it. Thank you God for pus-ghetti.


The Noonan's said...

What a great idea! We did crafts this morning but nothing that creative! What kind of paint did you use? So far I've only ventured to water colors but I want to get something else.

LB said...

who isn't thankful for spaghetti, you know? Ha:) I noticed on Thursday night, that Torbin had written (on a similar project) that he was thankful that his mom bought him pizza.

I agree--very creative!!