Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dancing with Lucy and My First Trip to the Mall

Check out this move! Look at the air I got!

Last Thursday I had two friends come to play with me. Lucy was one of them. Ellie was, of course, the other (more pics to come). Lucy is 6 months younger than me. Isn't she cute? Well, we had a good time dancing. Our music of choice came from Sesame Street. Mommy calls it hip hop. So, I hopped. Well, I did a little moshing too as you can tell from my one photo. Mommy actually caught me in mid air jumping. Did you guys know I love to jump? I jump A LOT. Mommy will post more pictures of us playing together soon.

On a different note, today was a milestone in every girls' life. I the mall. Yes, this was my FIRST TRIP EVER to a mall. No, we don't live in the sticks. But we live in a county that has no mall. Mommy says this is probably good. But today, Mommy, Gant, Gandmama, and I went to the mall. Now, of course, we have no pictures to document this milestone. Daddy went hunting and took the camera with him (a wise move in the long run because he killed a ten pointer...Mommy says Daddy says that's big...glad he took the camera). My favorite part of the mall was riding the carousel. Gandmama bought me and Mommy a ticket. I rode the ostrich. Well, that's what Mommy picked. I was kind of confused. An ostrich? Of all the animals to choose from (a tiger, a horse, a frog) Mommy picked an ostrich. She said it reminds her of Swiss Family Robinson. Huh? I don't know. But it was fun none the less. I waved to Gandmama and Gant as we passed by. And we got to eat Chick-fil-a. . .or as I like to call it "Chicken Lay." All in all it was a great time. I've never seen so many people in my life. Well, except for the time we saw fireworks on the Fourth of July. There were A LOT of people there. But really, there were a lot here too. Oh I almost forgot. We went in this store called The American Girl. Wow! I didn't know what I was missing out on. Baby dolls everywhere! I saw Gandmama bring out a bag from there. But she didn't tell me what it was or who it was for. I'm crossing my fingers that it's for me. But I'll be patient. After our mall trip we went back to Gan-ganma's (that's really what I call her) and Gandaddy's house to play. It was such a fun trip. I can't wait to go back again.


Jeremy, Trista, and the girls said...

What mall did you go to? Stone Crest isn't that cool...all they have is some weird play area that has an oversized bandaide to climb on. It's weird!

John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said...

Oh we went all the way up to North Point because it's kind of near where John's parents live. It's a trek for either of us! But it is such a nice mall!

The Noonan's said...

Hope little Grant is doing much better. Let me know what comes of the rash and fever. Hang in there!

AND thanks for these pictures - the girls look like they had such a great time!!