Friday, November 07, 2008

Perhaps We Should Do Something Else

Yes folks, I am fighting Mommy with all of my might to sit up in my bouncey. In the past, this has been a positive way to entertain me while Mommy is in the kitchen. She seems to be in the kitchen A LOT, therefore; I am in this seat a lot. However, we may need to rethink this plan. Now that I am getting stronger, I'm just not content to lean back and watch. I want to be involved. I tried to drop the hint by sitting up and refusing to succumb to Mommy's gentle pushes to lie me back. But here I still sit as I wait for a new idea to pop into Mommy's head as to what I can do now that I'm growing! The swing doesn't work too well. The exersaucer, well it stays upstairs for the most part. Hmmm..I guess I'll just have to start crawling so I can get around on my own.


Anonymous said...

You look SO CUTE sitting up like that Grant ... I have an idea ... tell Mommy to put your blue seat on the FLOOR while you're practicing sitting up!! (:

Love you,

LB said...

I can't believe how big Grant looks in these pictures!!