Friday, November 21, 2008

A Considerate Sister...a Little TOO Considerate

Well, a week and a half ago (yes, we're behind on the pics) I had quite the time. I had a diaper rash that would not go away, a fever, and a bad eczema outbreak. After a worthless trip to the after hours (who by the way wondered why I had a diaper rash since I wasn't in daycare...really? We spent an hour just to hear a birdbrained question like that?) Mommy took me to our pediatrician the following day, Monday. Hannah, always aware of everyone's feelings, recognized my dampened spirits. So as we were getting ready to head to the doctor's office she felt an overwhelming need to share her stuffed animals. I really appreciated her kindness; however, I began to realize I may be having some breathing problems due to the overabundance of animals on top of all my other calamities. Thankfully, Mommy recognized this as well and chose to kindly remove them, however, not forgetting to thank Hannah for her consideration.
For an update...I am over the ear infection but still have major stuffiness. My eczema, well any of you with eczema know it's here to stay, is still here. And my diaper rash has now transformed to a mild pink...a much improvement from the bright red a week ago.


Jeremy, Trista, and the girls said...

This tree is so cute! I love it. Great work Hannah and Mommy!