Friday, December 05, 2008

Pretty Ballerina...and Musical Balls

Well, we've been posting a lot lately so we can try to catch up. Thanksgiving was over a week ago and we have yet to say, "Happy Thanksgiving." Phew. Blogging is hard work. So let's get rolling...fitting for this post huh? Friends from church gave me this beautiful ballerina costume. Isn't it something? I love to wear it. I also enjoy performing on my ball with it. For those of you who read this and perhaps went to middle school with Mommy and participated in P.E, the words Musical Balls may ring a bell. Mommy says this would be a perfect ad to promote musical balls. However, she does not want to encourage me to participate in Musical Balls. For those of you unfamiliar with Musical Balls that's good. It means your physical education was focused on just that...physical activity...not bouncing balls to music in the locker room. I don't know what all that means...I'm just the messenger. I do know, however, that Mommy will not be enrolling me in rhythmic gymnastics, perhaps the only fruit born out of Musical Balls.


Angela said...

So cute!! I'm honored to have a linky on your blog. Thanks! cute family!

Groovers said...

love, love, love the ballerina costume! :)