Monday, December 22, 2008

"My Sheepy"

We're back! And while we have a ton of great pictures from Bham, we have to finish the shots taken at home BEFORE we left for Bham. That's just the way we are...pretty particular about order. This Christmas season Mommy and I have been working on creating a manger scene, full of. . .uh....well....sheep, a shepherd, and a star....but Mommy tells me there's more. She hasn't really been on top of her game and so our scene so far only has those three things on it. She mentions Jesus a lot but he's not on there. I keep mistaking the shepherd for Jesus. But Mommy tells me he's just a shepherd. Hopefully we'll finish the scene before Christmas. Most of you are intelligent people so I'm sure you realize we were talking about the sheep when I created this masterpiece. Grandmama gave us the pieces. After we read the part about sheep in my Christmas book, we created our own sheep ornament to hang on the tree. However, this whole process wasn't as magical as Mommy had anticipated. You see, I didn't want my "sheepy" glued much so that I often ripped his head off after taking him down several times from the tree. I didn't want to color his face either. But Mommy made me....for the photos. So people, on the outside all looks well. However, on the inside I was one grumpy puppy. We don't really know where the sheepy is now. After gluing his head back on about ten times, I think Mommy finally decided to give up and let him go in peace. Sorry sheepy.