Monday, December 29, 2008

I Ain't No Baby Allie..and a Shopping Update

Well, Allie seems to think I'm still a baby. While we were eating our popsicles she kept saying things like, "Hannah, can you say Da-Da?" To which I replied, "Daddy is at work." Come on, Allie, you know I'm smarter than a 1 year old! Here is a taste of that conversation we had. I don't think Allie ever got the point that I have moved on from two syllable words to more complex sentences. I can now say things like, "Mommy, whatchu like to gink?" or "Mommy, I'm sad," or "Mommy, I'm all done night night," or even "Mommy, I go see Daddy. I'll be right back in just a minute." Maybe next time I see Allie, she'll treat me like the big girl I am. But I do love my Allie.

On a different note, today was Monday Madness. That means a trip to CVS and Walmart. Saturday Mommy and I went to "Pudix" together while the boys stayed at home. I like it that way because I get to ride in the car cart and get a free cookie. Pudix was our best place for deals this week. Mommy spent $20 and saved $30! We loaded up on Chex Mix for snacks for home and to have on hand when it's our turn to bring snacks for Community Group. We loaded up on juice, yogurt, Knorr sides, and salsa. Mommy had coupons for all the deals...most were B1G1.

CVS wasn't bringing out too many good deals this week but we did manage to get two deoderants and 2 hair sprays for $7 total. We saved $10 total.

And Walmart....well...we stocked up on 1/2 off wrapping paper, gift tags, an ornament for Gant next year, and ribbon. But the deals weren't the highlight from the trip. No, the highlight would be shopping with a regular cart with a toddler, that's me, in the big basket, and an ever curious sitting infant, that's Gant, in the front. You see, we no longer have use for the special carts. Papa and Gandma got Gant a car seat for Christmas (thanks!). So the infant carrier is gone. And, in our beloved special carts there is not a place for a sitting baby. We have entered into a new phase of shopping that will require some fine tweeking. Gant tries to eat Mommy's list as well as whatever else he can get his hands on while I, well, I like to try to open or play with the things that Mommy surrounds me with, such as eggs, baby food, yogurt. Today, I managed to get the spool of ribbon Mommy was buying stuck on my finger TWICE. The second time was a doosy. I screamed as Mommy pulled and tugged my finger. We thought I just may go home with this attached to my body. I just couldn't figure out how I would eat with it on my hand or take a bath. But thankfully, Mommy got it off. And a few minutes later I stopped crying. Those ever present eyes we were so familiar with from Gant's first grocery journeys did return. This time because of me. I'm sure they were wondering why Mommy had me piled in the basket with a bunch of groceries scattered about. But that's Walmart's fault. They never put us into consideration when planning their carts. What we need is a special car WITH a place for Gant to sit. So, until Gant reaches 2 years old then we'll be trying to perfect this new shopping situation. Let's just hope for my sake we never have a BIG shopping day at Walmart. Is it possible to drown under groceries?


LB said...

good Publix deals!! I am not sure if I am doing any this week. Do the new BOGO's come out on Wednesday or Thursday?

I meant to tell you this on Sunday, but I thought of you over the Christmas holiday (I almost said break, like we are all college students or something). Anyway...I was in Wal-mart with Ada and my sister and her two children, and at one point all three children were screaming their little hearts out. We worked our way through the check out with people clearly stopping to stare at the spectacle. We got to the parking lot, and one lady said to me, "those are some fussy kids." It made me think of your Wal-mart trip right after Grant was born. Oh the things we deal with as moms:)

Jessica Harman said...

Oh my! Yes, those days are rough...haha. I think most people feel like screaming and hollering when in's all I can do to refrain sometimes! haha!

Thursdays are when Publix comes out with their new deals.