Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Role Play

I do a lot of role playing these days with my "peoples." I enjoy making them talk and play. I have given three of my peoples names. The latino gal, well, her name is Anabelle, after my sweet cousin Anabelle. Mommy and Daddy laugh at Anabelle...the doll. I don't know why. This tan looking fella, well, he's Kyle, after my cousin, Kyle. I also have a blonde gal named Ashey, after my aunt Ashey. However, she is not pictured. She was MIA when we took this photo shoot. Ashey, when we find her, we'll snap a shot. So far, those are the only peoples who got names. Mommy wonders why I gave them the names I did. But, there's a reason to it all. I'm just not gonna share it.